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more from the Ylva litter :)

Siste nytt Posted on 01 Jul, 2013 14:46:23

Nala babies

Siste nytt Posted on 01 Jul, 2013 14:30:47

On June 25, TeamTempos Nala had her first litter. Now, almost 1 week old we count 8 beautiful, multicolored puppies, 4 girls and 4 boys. Their father is Djengis from Geir Wang.

first 5 weeks with the Ylva puppies

Siste nytt Posted on 17 Jun, 2013 21:34:35

trip to Stuevann with the babies

Siste nytt Posted on 29 Apr, 2013 18:53:19

Puppies on tour

Siste nytt Posted on 09 Feb, 2013 20:48:02

Troms Quest

Siste nytt Posted on 22 Jan, 2013 14:30:34

1 round

Siste nytt Posted on 19 Jan, 2013 19:35:46

Eline came in at 17.50 and Ole 1 minute later. So Eline finished the First round as number 1 of the 8-spann, and ole came in as number 2!!!.. Everyone is looking great, the dogs were having their dinner, got their coats and straw and Nala was sitting with her backpaws in the air 🙂 Eline and Ole are going to sleep now, the start time for the next round is 23.00. Go team tempo!!

On the way back 1

Siste nytt Posted on 19 Jan, 2013 16:33:08

We just got a Message from Ole Sigleif. They are both on the way back – Eline right behind Ole. Eline is leading the 8dog class and there is only 2 teams in front of Ole now. The dogs are all doing s great job, working like heros. We assume that They will Get here in about 45minutes

Take off

Siste nytt Posted on 19 Jan, 2013 12:39:07

Hurra both teams left the startline 🙂 after a good breakfast with the new VOM that we picked up yesterday, we put up the teams in the parking lot here in the skytebane in Øverbygd. Ole sigleif left at 11.33 with the 12 superexcited youngsters and suuperman Charlie (pictures are on the way). Shortly after Eline and the A-team started at 11.49. The handlerteam is waiting for news. We will keep you posted.